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Top 8 Reasons Directors Love Standard Publishing’s VBS!

Dive Into a New Adventure Every Day at Deep Sea Discovery!

Meet the Characters

Sheldon the Sea Turtle

Sheldon the Sea Turtle wants to shell-ebrate with you! Sheldon is ready to flap his fins and join the coral chorus at Celebration Reef!

Fun Fact: Sheldon can travel more than 10,000 miles every year! Good luck keeping up with this deep sea diver!

Olive the Octopus

Olive the Octopus loves to do hands-on Bible study at S.S. Discovery … with all 8 “hands!”

Fun Fact: Olive is a master of disguise! She can change color in less than a second, and loves to mimic plants and rocks in order to hide.

Sandy the Seal

Sandy the Seal wants to help you submerge yourself in service! She loves to serve on the E.C.H.O. Sea Sub, helping all kids be Equipped by Christ to Help Others.

Fun Fact: Sandy can hold her breath underwater for nearly 2 hours by slowing her heart beat and conserving oxygen!

Pelican Pete

Enjoy snacks & games at Pete the Pelican’s favorite perch… Pelican Pier! He’s got a big mouth and a whole lotta heart!

Fun Fact: Pete’s mouth is so big he can hold 3 buckets of fish inside!

PJ Pufferfish

P.J. Pufferfish is all puffed up with excitement to investigate and create with you at Curiosity Cavern!

Fun Fact: P.J. may be a fish, but he's a pretty bad swimmer! To scare off predators, he sucks in huge amounts of water and quickly blows up like a balloon. BOO!

Darcy the Dolphin

Darcy the Dolphin loves to splash and play and save the day at Breakaway Bay!

Fun Fact: Did you know Darcy can jump 20’ in the air and zip through the water at 25 mph? She can also use sound to navigate and locate objects underwater!

Herman the Hermit Crab

Shy Herman the Hermit Crab would love to be friends with you at Tide Pool Playland!

Fun Fact: You’ll get along so well. He’s not a picky eater and will be happy to enjoy whatever you have—meat, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables!

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Real–Life Stories Inspire Kids and Adults–At VBS and Beyond

Tales of the Never Alone

by Beth Guckenberger
ISBN: 978-0-7847-7769-5

During Deep Sea Discovery, kids and adults will watch a compelling missions story unfold about Daniela, a young girl from Mexico whose experiences powerfully illustrate how God’s presence impacts our lives–sometimes in surprising ways.

Daniela is just one of the real people featured in Tales of the Never Alone, a collection of stories written to challenge and inspire readers. Loved by kids of all ages, the newest book in Beth’s Storyweaver series follows the paths of five young men and women, and the people they encounter, as they discover the God who never leaves us and is with us wherever we go!

Deep Sea Discovery Adult Bible Study Guide

Learn about intriguing aspects of God’s presence in the stories of 5 Bible characters: Noah, Jonah, Peter, Jesus, and Paul. This downloadable, easy-to-lead Bible study guide includes:

  • Commentary
  • Discussion questions
  • Prayer prompts
  • Family talking points